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Pump valve fittings different ball valve construction introduction

Dec 30, 2018

Pump valve fittings Ball valves have many kinds of structures, but the overall structure is similar, mainly consisting of the opening and closing parts as a round core, and is composed of a valve seat, a ball, a sealing ring, a valve stem and other driving devices, and is rotated by the valve stem 90 The degree of opening and closing of the valve is used to shut off, distribute, adjust the flow rate and change the flow direction of the medium on the pipeline.


Due to the different working conditions, the valve seat of the pump valve fitting ball valve can adopt different sealing forms. The valve body structure has one-piece type, two-stage type and three-stage type. The valve body of the O-type ball valve is internally provided with a ball with a middle through hole. The ball has a through hole having a diameter equal to the diameter of the pipe. The ball can rotate in the sealing seat, and each side has a ring shape on both sides of the pipe. Elastomers are used to achieve the seal. By rotating the sphere 90°, the direction of the through hole can be changed, thereby realizing the switching of the ball valve.


The ball valve of the V-type ball valve of the pump valve fitting is a V-shaped structure, which has the characteristics of large circulation capacity, large adjustable range, and can be tightly closed, and is particularly suitable for the working condition of the fluid material with fiber. In general, V-type ball valves are single-sealed ball valves and are not suitable for two-way use.www.dmgcastings.com