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Selection of noncorrosive pump valve accessories

Jan 20, 2018

People which often contact pump selection could be required to select a noncorrosive pump valve accessories, but the user can not provide the pump valve accessories to be resistant to the corrosion of the medium.We also is actually can see from this: the user for the concept of corrosion is more general, as found in some material is "corrosion", while ignoring the corrosion resistance is just a relative concept.

For the first time to carry on the design of material selection in the field of corrosion, some is to realize that there is no universal corrosion resistant materials, corrosion resistant material or not considering certain is inside the environment system (medium, concentration, temperature, etc.).For example, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, etc. are considered to be excellent corrosion resistant materials, which are all relative to the environment.

For pump products, it is the most important to select the pump valve accessories correctly, and it is the most widely used corrosion resistant method.The purpose of selection is to ensure the normal operation of pump and pump valve accessories, reasonable service life and minimum economic expenditure.

In view of this, we note that the requirements for the material of the pump valve accessories in any "material-environment" system are as follows:

Chemical performance or corrosion resistance must meet the requirements of production and use;

Physical and mechanical properties must meet the design requirements;

The overall economic benefits must also be superior.

And for choosing a more economical and durable material among the many materials ,first of all we should have profound knowledge of materials.

Therefore, the pump user should be familiar with the operating environment of the pump before selecting the noncorrosive pump valve accessories (including the chemical substances, concentration, temperature, etc) in the medium.Then we can select the "noncorrosive pump" which can be processed into the pump valve accessories, the corrosion resistance and the highest economic performance.http://www.dmgcastings.com/