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Structural design of Pump parts and their importance to pumps

Feb 19, 2019

A screw pump is a very high quality pump that draws in and discharges liquid by the volume change of the sealed chamber formed by the screw and bushing. It has the advantages of stable flow, small pressure pulsation, self-priming ability, low noise, high efficiency, long life and reliable operation. It can be used in high-viscosity media, and it does not form eddy currents when transporting media, and is not sensitive to the viscosity of media. The reason why the screw pump has such a function is that it has a great connection with its Pump parts.


In the case of the Pump part rotor, it is made of a special milling machine. The device adopts a double suction structure. Both ends of the screw are in the same pressure chamber, and the axial force can be balanced by itself. The bearings at both ends are externally mounted and lubricated with lubricating oil (fat) alone, so they are not affected by the conveying medium. The two screws are driven by a pair of synchronous gears, and the tooth faces of the screw are not in contact, leaving a small gap in the medium. The impurities do not cause direct wear on the tooth flanks of the screw.


Of course, in the screw pump, there are also fittings of the Pump parts and the like to achieve such an effect. Therefore, the screw pump rotor and the like have a very large role in the single screw pump, and are also very important. If the Pump parts are not properly selected, or the quality is inferior, the effect of the screw pump is difficult to achieve the desired effect.www.dmgcastings.com