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Talking about the Key Factors of Precision Casting Machining Gear

Feb 15, 2017

In the process of gear processing, those advanced rough forming process, more stable, sophisticated heat treatment process, and particularly suitable surface hardening process, these are the final factors to form a gear boutique. For example, there are several key links in the grinding process: only through the use of sharp grinding, grinding surface stress small grinding wheel, you can improve the grinding feed, which will shorten the grinding time, which Is to improve the grinding efficiency but also to extend the wheel dressing interval to reduce costs.

The design is the key step of precision casting and is the initial step, which is also a key step in the design of gear casting, which is related to the quality and level of the cast gear. During the design phase, the more suitable casting gear material is selected Advanced and reasonable structural design, the choice of efficient and reliable gears and bearings can not be missing links.

To ensure that no grinding cracks and ensure the quality of the premise, we should use the higher possible grinding parameters to shorten the grinding time, which can improve the grinding efficiency, increase production, but also to ensure its accuracy, Reduces surface roughness. Through the use of more appropriate grinding oil, can ensure that under the premise of good lubrication, rust, it is more conducive to reduce the surface of grinding tooth surface stress, to avoid burning cracks, reduce roughness, reduce the degree of blocking the wheel , To ensure that the wheel sharp, this is to reduce the wheel dressing, reduce the amount of grinding wheel, reduce costs.