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The advantages and uses of heat-resistant steel pallets

Jun 21, 2017

Heat-resistant steel pallets are used in the process of the traditional plastic pallets and wooden pallets of the replacement products, such products for the use of forklift forklift, heat-resistant steel tray in the process of access to goods is very convenient, For multi-purpose terrestrial storage.


Heat-resistant steel pallets are one of the most important transportation and warehousing auxiliary equipment in modern industry. The main materials are steel or galvanized steel during the making process. The special materials are formed by various equipment, Rivet connection to strengthen, and then use carbon dioxide gas welding from welding.


Heat-resistant steel tray in the use of its carrying capacity is the strongest of all the tray, the product is 100% environmentally friendly, can be used in the recycling of the use of resources so that the resources will not be wasted.


The surface of the heat-resistant steel tray can be used as a non-slip treatment, and its surroundings are wrapped around the package. The entire product's chassis is very strong and the overall quality of the product is very light and rigid, with its stable packaging performance. The process has a waterproof, moisture and rust-proof function.


Heat-resistant steel pallets are not required for fumigation, high-temperature sterilization and anticorrosive treatment in the process of their exports, mainly because the product itself is in line with the provisions of the international environmental law.


Heat-resistant steel tray in the use of very flexible, four-direction product into the design, the product is virtually effective in improving the use of space and the convenience of operation, its solid floor design is also to a certain extent, in line with its delivery and automatic To ensure the use of the system.