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The core-making process and development requirements of the precision casting

Oct 07, 2017

In the process of precision casting, it effectively, improve the technological yield of the casting by using its optimization design and optimization technology. In the context of ensure the quality of the precision casting, changing the gating system can improve the export rate. If the export rate can be increased from 60 % to 70 %, then it can reduce 14.3 %energy consumption.

Precision casting adopts high compaction molding machine and modern core technology to reduce casting mass and working allowance as much as possible. Practice shows that high pressure molding can reduce the casting quality by 3 % - 5 % compared with the manual modeling and ordinary machine modeling. And the machining allowance can also be maintained at 2 - 3 mm. Reducing weight not only makes the precision casting workshop save energy, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.

Now with the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, more and more users have paid attention to the precision casting. Its basic working principle is to pump dry compressed air into the sealed container, in order to make the liquid aluminum rise along the riser tube under the pressure and then enter the casting cavity smoothly through the casting gate, keeping the gas pressure on the surface of aluminum castings until completely solidified. Then lift the liquid pressure, and the rest liquid aluminum will return to the crucible. And the liquid aluminum which have curdled will form the precision casting in the cast. 

The production rate of the precision casting is high. Its gating system is simple and can reduce or omit the riser to some extent. The aluminum liquid of the precision casting is curdled under the pressure, which is beneficial to obtain a clear cut casting.

Compared with the die casting machine, the precision casting equipment is relatively simple and less investment. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation. The precision casting is solidified and filled more fully under the pressure. So the compactness and mechanical property of the casting is higher. The precision casting has a stable mold filling. The speed of mold fill can be controlled by precision casting structure, casting material and other factors, to avoid aluminum scouring the cavity and core.

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