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The custom requirements of heat - resistant steel pallets and the role of logistics transportation

Sep 07, 2017

Heat-resistant steel tray in the use of its carrying capacity is the strongest of all the tray, the product is very environmentally friendly and can be recycled, its resources are not wasted, heat-resistant steel tray surface for anti-skid, the surrounding For the package edge processing, the product of the chassis solid, the overall quality of light is rigid and strong.

Heat-resistant steel tray is very suitable for use in the export, do not need to fumigation, anti-corrosion treatment and high temperature sterilization, the entire line with its international environmental regulations, product four directions of the insert design, virtually improve the use of space and operational convenience, The bottom plate design also conforms to the use of conveyor rolling and automatic packaging systems.

Heat-resistant steel pallets In the usual transportation and handling process, the most common tool is the tray, which can effectively help us to transport the goods, the product in the design process needs to be effectively based on the size of its shelves to design, usually Under the best tray with the column to maintain 5-10 cm spacing.

The production of heat-resistant steel pallets can be customized according to the needs of their users. The pallet load is the shelf load. According to the shelf load of the shelf, the panel of the product can use the inner roll, the rectangular tube and the C steel and so on. Rectangular tube, cold plate bending, C steel production.

Heat-resistant steel pallets will be scattered packaging or a number of packaging objects assembled into a modular form, effectively through its steel tray, the cargo container unit, in order to use forklifts, cranes, conveyors, lifting platform, freight cars, etc. Loading and unloading machinery for mechanized warehousing, transportation and distribution, thus several times, ten times, several times to improve operational efficiency, reduce the total cost of logistics.

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