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The cutting-tool's choice and casting temperature of the precision casting

Oct 26, 2017

Precision casting can effectively ensure that the melt in injection has good fluidity. The temperature selection of precision casting should be determined according to the distance of additional injection and the process of injection, such as cooling and flow. Because of the small size of the transition band, the mechanical properties of the product will be good at the time of use, which can meet the fluidity to a certain extent.

The hot crack tendency of precision casting rectangle ingot is high. The precision casting temperature of stainless steel is relatively low, generally at 680 ~ 735 ℃. The crack tendency of precision casting round ingot is relatively low, which can ensure the alloy has good exhaust gas feeding capacity to a certain extent and improve the density. The casting temperature is generally relatively high, the casting temperature of the ingot whose diameter is more than 350 mm is generally 730 ~ 750 ℃. 

In the process of precision casting, there is a certain requirement for the cutting tool. When machining stainless steel, the geometric shape of the cutting part should be considered in the anterior angle and relief angle. To improve the surface roughness of the cutting part of the cutting tool, the surface roughness of the cutting part can be improved to reduce the resistance of the chip formation and to improve the durability of the cutting tool.

When the cutter bar material is required to machining stainless steel, due to the large cutting force, the cutter bar must have sufficient strength and rigidity to avoid chatter and deformation during the cutting process. This requires the selection of the appropriate large cutter bar sectional area, and the use of high strength materials to make the tool rod.

Precision casting can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially casting high temperature alloy castings. Like the blade of a jet engine, its outside profile and cooling streamlined with inner chamber, with the machining process can hardly formation. The stainless steel casting process can not only achieve mass production, ensure the consistency of the castings, but also avoid the stress concentration of residual knife lines after machining.

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