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The output stability and application areas of the stainless steel precision casting

Oct 17, 2017

The cast steel output of stainless steel precision casting is relatively stable. The quality, variety and the proportion of steel casting are improving continuously. The stainless steel precision casting adopts various kinds of refining technique and technology, which can effectively develop the new cast steel material. So it can improve the toughness and special performance of the material.

The precision casting of stainless steel is very important part in the mechanical products. In order to improve the overall performance of the mechanical products, there is related requirement of the performance of the castings. The properties of different casting made of different materials are different.

The inner quality of stainless steel precision casting depends on the properties of the casting material. Now because the national economy has more requirements of mechanical equipment, the quality of castings will be improved accordingly. The casting composite material will be devoted to the development and research of metal matrix composites, base metal matrix materials and reinforcement group materials, to accelerate the development of its application.

It uses the light alloy when producing the stainless steel precision casting, so the overall density of the product will be relatively small and the strength will be high. It will be more widely used in aerospace, automotive, aviation, machinery and other industries, especially in the automotive industry, reducing fuel consumption to improve energy efficiency is a long-term development trend.

There are many kinds of casting techniques of stainless steel precision casting. Each casting method has different procedures and techniques, which to a certain extent, can be applied to different workpieces. The simplest method is to choose the suitable casting technique according to the wall thickness, shape, and weight of the casting.

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