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The precision casting of different processes will have different characteristics

Nov 15, 2017

Precision casting is a very important part in mechanical products. In order to improve the overall performance of mechanical products, the performance of precision casting also needs to be improved accordingly. The casting properties produced by different casting materials are also different.


The internal quality of precision casting depends mainly on the properties of casting materials. Now with the continuous increase of national economy to the requirements of machinery and equipment, the quality of castings will be improved accordingly. The casting composite material will be devoted to the development and research of metal matrix material and reinforced group material, and the development and research of  application will be accelerated.

The use advantages of the precision casting

Due to its small density, high strength and corrosion resistance, precision casting is widely used in automotive, machinery, aerospace, aviation and other industries.


The process choice of the precision casting


There are many kinds of processes in the manufacturing process of the precision casting. Each casting method has different procedures and processes to adapt to different workpiece.

1.The characteristics of the sand mould precision casting: Because of the advantages of internal sand core, loose piece pattern, gasified pattern and other special molding technology, the casting with complex shape can be produced. The size and weight of the castings are almost unlimited. Casting weight is usually from tens of grams to hundreds of kilograms. The minimum wall thickness of castings is limited by sand casting.


2.The characteristics of the metal mould precision casting: The weight of the product ranges from 0.1-135 kg, and some can reach 225 kg. Because the metal mold cavity is made by the mechanical processing method, the structure shape of the casting can not be very complex, and should consider the possibility of taking out the casting from the mold. When using the metal core, it also needs to consider the possibility of extracting the core, so the structure of the casting is limited to  use the core with a simple shape.