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The process of iron casting must be improved

Oct 28, 2017

【Summary】The cost of iron casting is low, the process performance is also better. It can be remelted and regenerate, and save resources and energy. It is also because of this, the application and development of iron has enduring characteristics.

Iron casting is made of metal mold casting and metal sand faced mold casting, including die sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, precision casting, permanent mold and a series of special process and equipment, 


Iron casting has the characteristics of small density, high strength and corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries. Especially in the automotive industry, in order to reduce fuel consumption and improve the utilization of energy, using the iron castings instead of steel, aluminum casting is a long-term development trend.

With the expansion of market demand, the technological upgrading of iron castings related products can not be ignored. In order to further improve the performance of the material, and maximize the potential of materials, the high quality iron alloy materials must be used.In this way, it is able to meet the performance requirements in different conditions.

Improve the process of iron castings and develop related technologies. Iron casting market is broad. With the application and development of different industries, the share will be more and more. That is, different manufacturers need to improve their own process and product quality to meet the needs of the market accordingly.

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