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The quality and model of pump accessories are very important

May 03, 2018

At present, there are a lot of pump accessories products in the market. Different types of products are not only used for different purposes, but also their processing technology and quality are different. As a user, we at the time of replacement pump accessories, if there is no corresponding technical inspections in advance, and install them using directly, so will probably bring certain negative influence to the whole system.

In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to check the test before replacing the pump parts, so as to ensure the quality of the new parts meets the requirements of use, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Moreover in the process of construction machinery maintenance, due to the maintenance personnel to distinguish with the quality of the parts and models, did not cause enough attention, ignore the parts model the choice of application requirements, lead to substitute accessories and even the phenomenon of misuse, seriously affected the mechanical safety and technical performance.

In fact, such cases are not uncommon in practice. For example, we at the time of replacement and repair pump accessories, if the 135 series pressure and the mixture of turbocharged diesel engine piston, valve, rocker arm, so will result in diesel engine for low power and start the difficult situation, serious, even lead to equipment damage parts.

At the same time, if the model and quality control of pump accessories are not strict, a series of problems may arise in the long-term use. This will not only cause the equipment to start difficult, but also cause the maintenance of the equipment to increase and the maintenance cost increase. In view of such situation, it is suggested that in the process of maintenance, it is advisable to use original model accessories to avoid other types of substitution and misuse.

In general, when we found the original pump parts damaged need to replace, should choose as far as possible to replace the same model accessories, otherwise it may use for a period of time after failure occurs, which delay the construction period can also affect the service life of the machine. And before replacing, it is necessary to carefully check the model and quality of the new pump accessories to meet the requirements.http://www.dmgcastings.com/