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The reasons for the increase in the production and operation of precision casting enterprises

Feb 15, 2017

(1) to carry out casting process optimization, improve the production rate.

(2) the use of power supply peak and valley, poles of time price, the organization of production, pay attention to avoid the peak on the valley, the high energy consumption of the process, such as electric furnace smelting, furnace annealing, etc. arranged in the valley of energy to save energy expense.

(3) the implementation of energy-saving, reduce energy consumption and reduce product costs.

(4) the company part of the marketing should be strictly in accordance with the order of production, to avoid the accumulation of finished products occupied by corporate funds, or the formation of inventory caused by extravagance. For the production plan layout, to implement the "centralized production focus stop" principle, in the case of production load dissatisfaction with the high efficiency, reduce energy and fuel extravagance. Some foreign precision casting enterprises to implement 10 × 4 work system, that is, two classes every day, each class work 10h, 4 days a week work. This compact production organization is worthy of our domestic forging business management staff in the current dissatisfaction with the state of production under the warning.

(5) the accumulation of inventory of finished products to the idea of the idea of promotion, to avoid the formation of inventory; stock to be discounted sales, etc., as far as possible, to avoid greater losses.

(6) for different users, according to their different funds and credit conditions to determine the amount of different accounts receivable and payment cycle, in this round of economic crisis may collapse bankrupt enterprise accounts receivable, to send someone to collect, And take proper means to restore the loss, to avoid risks. We put these measures into the post, the implementation of the head, so that the implementation of the mandate, the responsibility to implement, to ensure that effective.

(7) seize the time to carry out technical training, improve the quality of staff.

(8) for the previous precision casting production revealed in the product quality issues for research, reduce the product rejection rate