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The refinement and technical requirements of the precision casting

Oct 30, 2017

In the process of precision casting, the output is relatively stable. The variety, quality, alloy steel and performance of steel casting are continuously improving. The stainless steel precision casting adopts various refining technology and technology. Developing the new type of casting steel material in the using process, can improve the obdurability and special properties of the material.

Precision casting is a very important part in mechanical products. In order to improve the overall performance of mechanical products, the performance of the casting needs to be improved accordingly. The casting properties produced by different casting materials are also different.


The intrinsic quality of precision casting depends on the properties of the casting materials to a certain extent. Now with the growth of the national economy, the requirements of mechanical equipment are gradually improving, and the quality of the castings will be improved accordingly. The casting composite material will be devoted to the development and research of metal matrix composite base material.

Due to its small density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent characteristics,precision casting will be more widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries. The melt has good fluidity to some extent when the product is processed.

Due to the small size of the transition band and the good mechanical property,the precision casting can meet the fluidity and without forming the bright crystal to a certain extent. The general temperature is 715 ~ 740 ℃.The crack tendency of stainless steel precision casting round ingot is relatively low. It can effectively ensure the alloy has good exhaust gas feeding capacity and improve the density.

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