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The role of the seal ring of the pump valve fitting

Jan 18, 2019

Pump and valve accessories are important components that make up the pump equipment. The functions and functions of the different accessories are different. The sealing ring is a circular ring part mounted on the inner hole of the pump casing or the pump cover corresponding to the impeller inlet, and is used for preventing the high pressure liquid at the outlet of the impeller from flowing back to the impeller inlet, thereby causing the pump to circulate in the short circuit of the liquid flow, thereby It can prevent the centrifugal pump outlet pressure from decreasing.


And the seal ring of the pump valve fittings also helps to extend the life of the pump casing and reduce wear. It can also delay the wear of the pump casing and prolong the service life of the pump casing. The outer circle of the ring and the inner hole of the pump casing achieve a small amount of interference fit, and the inner circle is further matched with the outer circle of the inlet end of the impeller.


Not only that, the sealing ring of the pump valve fittings also improves the water flow state at the inlet of the pump and improves the working efficiency of the pump. The seal ring, also known as the leakage reducer, is usually installed at the outer ring joint between the pump body and the impeller suction port to prevent high pressure water from leaking back into the inlet section and also to prevent possible friction between the impeller and the pump body. Protect the pump body from loss.www.dmgcastings.com