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The selection requirement of pump valve accessories is introduced

May 16, 2018

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the production work, it can also effectively improve the pump efficiency and reduce the labor intensity. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when choosing the pump valve accessories. Aiming at some defects, we can improve pump efficiency by adjusting the structure of pump valve accessories.

Meanwhile, the sealing effect should be considered in the process of adjustment. To achieve this goal, generally at the time of making production pump valve accessories, suggestion of macromolecule material body, this is because the polymer material has excellent tackiness can, super wear resistance. In this way, it is easy to solve the disadvantages of metal material wear. According to the actual working conditions, the main factors that affect the pump performance are the hydraulic side, while the cone valve sealing of the hydraulic side is mainly the contact seal.

Especially in the application of contact sealing, there are many factors that can lead to leakage. But is mainly due to the pressure on both sides of the sealing surface of the gap and, after change the sealing surface roughness, on either side of the pump valve accessories seal force is directly affect the cone valve sealing, reliability, and the service life of the main factors, and the pressure inside the pump is fixed.

Therefore, improving the structure of pump valve accessories will be an effective measure to improve pump efficiency. At present, the combination valve is a new sealing method for the application of the injection pump, and it is widely used in various types of pumps. In fact, it is obviously a very important work to change the structure of pump valve and improve pump efficiency.

Normally, the performance requirements of the pump valve accessories include multiple aspects, which not only require the structure to be suitable, but also ensure good tightness. As in the cone valve of the pump valve accessories, it belongs to a kind of can be moved up and down by cone valve core to control fluid flow through the section of the valve, the valve mouth is closed, the seal line between valve core and valve seat, has good sealing, and other advantages.http://www.dmgcastings.com/