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The use of heat-resistant steel castings and the classification of the environment

Jun 26, 2017

The use of heat-resistant steel castings is still relatively wide, the products in the boiler, power plants, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and other fields used in more heat-resistant steel castings due to its various types of machines and equipment used in the temperature and the stress Different, so the environment is also different, so the use of different types of steel.

The earliest time, the boiler and the furnace used in the material is not heat-resistant steel castings but low-carbon steel, the use of the temperature is generally about 200 degrees, the use of the pressure is only 0.8MPa, until its use of its low-carbon boiler Steel, the temperature of its use does not exceed 450 degrees.


Heat-resistant steel castings with its various types of power plant temperature in the continuous improvement of its work pressure is also increasing rapidly, which is the use of modern heat-resistant steel temperature has been effectively reached 700 degrees, the use of the environment Become very complicated and harsh.

The use of heat-resistant steel castings range in the range of 200 degrees to 1300 degrees, the working pressure of its products from a few megawatts to tens of megawatts, the product of the working environment from the oxidation of the atmosphere to the effective development of vulcanization atmosphere, Mixed atmosphere and liquid metal and other more complex environment.

Heat-resistant steel castings according to their alloy elements can be divided into low-carbon steel and low-alloy heat-resistant steel, the former steel will contain very few other alloying elements, the carbon content is generally not more than 0.2%, which will contain several elements, Its content is not high, the general steel contained in the total amount of alloying elements not more than 5%.