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The use of small heat-resistant steel plate and operating considerations

Aug 30, 2017

For heat-resistant steel tray, in fact, we will find it should be widely in the battery, hardware, as well as in electronics, medicine and food, but also in the connector and other industries among the application is very wide Of the blunt words, heat-resistant steel plate to a certain extent, in fact, is to solve the industrial automation equipment for the supply of a necessary equipment.

Next, we talk about the heat-resistant steel tray of the debugging, first of all, we actually should be to control the voltage box to 220V above the voltage, when its indicator light is not bright, we actually That is, need to check the outer side of the electronic control box fuse position, look at the fuse is not intact.

Next, we actually have to pay attention to the box should be connected to the voltage 220 voltage above, this time, we actually need to adjust the speed on the rotation of the switch to see if it is in accordance with the specified direction of rotation , Then, we should pay attention to observe the speed of heat-resistant steel tray, will slowly become faster, it is best to achieve the required speed, and more than 20%, when the voltage is unstable, for heat Steel plate is concerned, it will appear when the phenomenon of fast.

Heat-resistant steel plate when the one-time release of the pieces, you can follow the size of the disk to be placed, for a stand in terms of when the material tray which is not directly covered when the chassis, we actually should be To be added immediately.

It is best to say that we actually pay attention to the heat-resistant steel plate in the use of the time faced by the failure, in the work of which if there is speed rotation switch has been rotating in the end, but its work still walk, This time, we actually need to immediately stop, followed by, that is, to check the heat-resistant steel plate belongs to the chassis whether there is any fault. Yes, you should immediately ask a professional to view.

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