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Valve accessories material selection and appearance inspection

May 18, 2018

Valve accessories are rich in type and very diverse. Normally, valve body, cover, open and closing parts such as gate, ball, disc, butterfly plate, valve plate, cock and so on, stem and bracket belong to the main part of valve. Moreover, valve accessories products are often directly subjected to media pressure, so the selection of raw materials must be paid attention to in the fabrication process, and the relevant archives should be ensured.

Suitable materials should be selected for different types of valve accessories. At present, the commonly used materials mainly include ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, various non-metallic materials and so on. It should be noted that in actual production and processing, the choice must be made according to the specific conditions. When choosing, first consider the specific properties of the working medium, including the pressure, temperature and characteristics of the working medium.

Secondly, it should take into account the specific situation of the valve accessories in practical application, and the main function that it plays. In addition, the selected materials should have good manufacturability. Finally, consider the cost. Therefore, in the production and processing, as a professional manufacturer, we need to develop strict quality management and control measures to provide high quality products for the market with strong quality assurance.

As a user, we also need to check the valve accessories when we choose the valve accessories. First of all, please check whether the nameplate on the product is complete and clear, including the expression of trademark, model, specification, nominal pressure, manufacturer, date of production, etc. In addition, it is necessary to confirm that the safety operation signs, media flows to permanent marks and other marks are complete, clear and sound.

In addition to the above requirements, it is necessary to carry out a simple inspection of the valve valve and operating mechanism of valve accessories, mainly to check whether the valve is flexible and unaccretive. The body is clean and free of foreign body blockage. Of course, it is necessary to meet the requirements of design documents for the model, specification, engineering pressure and other functions of valve accessories, and confirm the complete accessories.http://www.dmgcastings.com/