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Valve accessories to be followed in the installation of standards

Feb 07, 2018

Valve and valve parts installation effect will directly affect the service life of the ball valve, so in the installation, pay attention to the valve valve parts installation location, height, import and export direction, in the installation must meet the design requirements, the connection When should also be firmly close; installed in the insulation pipe above all types of manual pump valve parts, the handle can not be down.


Valve components in the valve must be installed before the appearance inspection, the valve nameplate should also be noted that the current national standard "common valve signs" in the provisions of GB 12220. For the working pressure of more than 1.0 MPa and the main pipe above the valve to play the role of cut off before installation should pay attention to the strength and tightness performance test, after passing the standard use.


Pump valve parts in the valve strength test, the test pressure of 1.5 times the nominal pressure, duration, it should be noted that less than 5min, the valve shell or filler should be no leakage as qualified. Tightness when testing, the test pressure means that the nominal pressure of 1.1 times; test pressure in the test duration should be noted that in line with GB 50243 standard requirements, the valve sealing surface will not leak as qualified.


Pump valve fittings in the valve flange and pipeline flanges should pay attention to pipeline design requirements installed gaskets; for the ball valve with a transmission mechanism, must also pay attention to the instructions in accordance with product instructions for installation; valves and electric devices Connection type and size must also meet the national standard GB / T12222-1989 multi-turn valve drive connection.


At present, some of the pump valve fittings rotary valve electric device that is, there will be mechanical limit, so speaking, that is, to prevent there is no way to determine the valve position, and the connection between such valves and electric devices The corresponding relationship between screw hole and keyway position is strict. As a result, it can ensure the installation of pump valve parts, while ensuring the normal use of equipment.