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Valve fitting seal maintenance method

Sep 29, 2018

Currently common valve fitting seals are available in two material types, metal and non-metal. During use, there may be leakage problems, usually leaks at the seal joints. The main reasons for this situation are: 1. The sealing ring is not pressed tightly; 2. The sealing ring is welded to the body, and the quality of the welding is poor; 3. The sealing ring is connected with the thread, the screw and the pressing ring are loose; 4. The sealing ring is connected. Corroded.


In order to avoid such problems, appropriate maintenance measures need to be taken. Firstly, for the valve fitting seal seal leakage, the adhesive should be injected and then fixed; secondly, the seal should be re-welded according to the welding specification, and the original surfacing and machining should be removed when the weld cannot be repaired.


In addition, the screws and pressure ring should be removed for cleaning. If damaged parts should be replaced in time, then reassemble. Parts with large corrosion damage can be repaired by welding or bonding. If the joint surface of the valve fitting seal is found to be corroded, it can be repaired by grinding or bonding. If it cannot be repaired, the seal should be replaced.https://www.dmgcastings.com/