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Valve fitting size and structural fit requirements

Feb 02, 2019

As a valve fitting, in the process of structural design, the width of the sealing surface of the ram and the valve body and the size of the opening should correspond to each other. The valve body and the ram are measured with the small ends of the two pieces, and the markings are marked according to the requirements. Dimensions and tolerances. The distance between the sealing surfaces of the valve body and the ball is convenient and quick to determine the size by drawing the part drawing with CAD 3D software.


The valve fitting seal of the ball valve can be obtained in a uniform size after being manufactured. This is because the finished part not only has the difference in quality, but also the pressure and the molding temperature during pressing, and the size is not accurate enough, thus the ball valve product is shipped. The opening and closing torques are inconsistent, which affects the use effect.


In addition, the valve fitting split ball valve and the two flange sealing gaskets should be designed in the closed space on the valve body flange. The gasket and the annular groove are assembled with a transition fit and are higher than the flange end face. 0.5mm, after the bolt is pressed, the end faces and end faces of the two flanges are in full contact, which simplifies the structure and overcomes the excessive compression of the sealing ring caused by improper fitting, which damages or affects the sealing effect.