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Valve parts in the folder check valve structural features and valve electrical equipment

Feb 04, 2018

Clamp check valve structure in the valve parts of the length is relatively short, the valve parts in the check valve check the small size, light weight, this part of the valve closed very quickly, the water hammer pressure is relatively small; for horizontal pipe or vertical Pipelines can be used to install more convenient.


Check valve in the valve parts in the relatively smooth flow channel, the fluid resistance is relatively small; its action is very sensitive, better sealing performance; valve stroke is short, the impact of closure is small; the overall structure of this accessory Is simple and compact, the shape will look more beautiful; the long life of this accessory, the performance will become more reliable.


Valve fittings in the check valve in the pump water supply system among the role is to prevent the return of high pressure water pump impeller impact. When the system suddenly stops operating for some reason during operation, the pressure in the pump disappears and the high pressure water connected to the outlet of the pump will flow back to the pump in the opposite direction. Pump outlet equipped with a check valve, it will immediately shut down to prevent the reverse flow of high pressure water back to the pump.


The role of the check valve in the valve fitting in the hot water system is to prevent hot water from flowing back into the pipe. If it is PVC pipe will be very hot pipe may be scorched, and even wounding phenomenon occurs, especially in the solar water heater system.


Valve fittings in the valve electrical equipment output torque and speed. The output torque value is one of the important technical parameters of the electric device, which is also an important parameter that needs to be selected when using. If the group with the electric valve when the choice of electric device output torque is too large or not is not desirable. For its output torque margin is too large to choose is not desirable. If you can not open the valve in the actual work which will inevitably belong to the choice of unreasonable. http://www.dmgcastings.com