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Valve stem thread repair in pump valve fittings

Apr 24, 2018

The valve stem threads in pump valve fittings are mainly classified into trapezoidal threads and ordinary threads. The threaded fastener on the valve directly bears the pressure of the medium, which plays a very important role in preventing the leakage of the medium. It is precisely because of this that the material chosen must be guaranteed under the working temperature and pressure of the valve. Sufficient strength and impact toughness.


The damage of these two types of threads on the pump valve fittings mainly includes corrosion, breakage, thread pairing too tight and so on. In order to ensure the normal use of the stem, it is necessary to repair the thread on this valve fitting. The surface of the trapezoidal thread can be repaired with a trowel, and the abrasive cloth can be sanded; the thread can be coated with abrasive paste on the thread with a tight fit; the circle can be trimmed with a small file.


For the damage of the ordinary thread in the pump valve fittings, the repair method is mainly the percolation method, which is to cut off the damaged part of the thread, then drill and tap in the square end face seam, and then the prepared screw plug. Combine with the valve stem and stick it with glue; regarding the thread remodeling, cut the thread of the damaged part, drill and tap on the square end face, and then insert the spring forging ring between the screw and the hand wheel.


Repair of common thread damage in the pump valve fittings, it is necessary to pay attention to shorten the stem, if the thread is seriously damaged or severe damage to the square part, can not be repaired, the thread and the square part can be removed, and then pay attention to processing; after For partial replacement, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cutting off of the thread that cannot be repaired, and then replace it with a new one.


Finally, regarding the repair of the ordinary thread in the pump valve fitting, after repairing according to the above method, the quality of the pump valve fitting can be ensured. After the pump valve fitting is used, the efficiency of the equipment can also be improved.http://www.dmgcastings.com/