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Valve stem valve in the pump valve fitting

Mar 16, 2018

The valve stem in the pump valve fitting will come into contact with the medium during use, and will also have relative frictional motion with the packing. In this regard, the pump stem will, to a large extent, also require a pump. The valve stem in the valve fitting has a certain degree of corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. It is precisely because of this, in addition to the need to use a certain material and heat treatment, the pump and valve components still need a certain surface treatment.


There are many surface treatment methods that can be used for the valve stem in the pump valve fittings, and more common ones include chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, and nitriding. In terms of nitriding, it is a common surface treatment method. Compared with the plating layer, the nitridation cost is low, the industrial pollution is small, and the delamination is not easy to occur when it is used.


Valve valve repair in the valve stem fittings, first of all, when this valve is being dismantled, it must use steel words on the top of the valve and the valve is connected to the flange above, to lay down the maintenance number, after which is to pay attention to Record the working medium, working pressure and working temperature of the valve so that we can choose the appropriate material when repairing.


Valve stem valves in pump valve fittings are required to be cleaned in a clean environment. First clear the outer surface of the valve, either directly with compressed air or with kerosene. However, in this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to remember the nameplate and other logos. Check the appearance of the damage, and then pay attention to the Austrian record.


Valve stem valve repair in the valve fittings, that is to pay attention to disassemble the other parts of the valve, use kerosene for cleaning (do not use gasoline to prevent fire), check the other parts of the damage, and make a record. The valve body cap is tested for strength. The more common is that it will include a high-pressure valve, and then pay attention to non-destructive testing, including ultrasonic testing, x-ray inspection.http://www.dmgcastings.com