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Valve valve casting advantages and characteristics and fluid adjustment

Apr 14, 2018

The pump valve casting will use its air as its power when it is used, so the flow rate will automatically adjust with the change of back pressure. The pump valve casting is suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. When used, it will use water as a reference. Set well, if it is used for the fluid with slightly higher viscosity, it needs the matching reducer or frequency converter, and the cost is greatly increased. The same is true for the gear pump.

Pump valve castings in their flammable and explosive environments use pneumatic diaphragm pump housing castings that are reliable and cost-effective, such as the delivery of fuel, gunpowder, and explosives, primarily because of the impossibility of generating sparks after being grounded and the absence of heat during operation. The machine will not overheat.

Pump valve castings in the construction site, such as construction site, industrial and mining waste water discharge, due to the impurities in the sewage and complex components, the pipeline is easy to plug, so that the pump will form a load is too high, the motor heat is vulnerable. The valve castings can pass through the particles and the flow rate can be adjusted. When the pipe is blocked, it stops automatically until it is clear.

The advantages and features of pump valve castings

1. Pump valve castings will not overheat: compressed air as a power, in the exhaust is a process of expansion and absorption of heat, the temperature of the pneumatic pump is reduced, no harmful gases discharged.

2. The pump valve casting will not produce electric spark: the pneumatic diaphragm pump does not use electric power as power, and it also prevents static electricity spark after being grounded.

3. The pump valve casting can pass through the liquid containing particles: Because it is volumetric type and the inlet is a ball valve, it is not easy to be blocked.

4. The pump valve casting has extremely low shearing force on the material: how to suck it out during work and how to spit it out, so the agitation of the material is minimal and it is suitable for the transportation of unstable substances.

5. Pump valve casting flow can be adjusted, can be installed at the material outlet throttle valve to regulate the flow.http://www.dmgcastings.com/