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Wear resistant casting materials and specific types and wear - resistant factors

May 21, 2018

Wear resistant castings, essentially, it is a kind of casting, the casting on the wear resistance is very good, just can be said to be its main characteristics and advantages, so, just call it a wear-resistant castings, but also in casting a big range. So, since it is one of the castings, and in order to have a full understanding and understanding of the casting, we will focus on the wear-resisting casting, so that we can have a preliminary understanding of it.

1. Wear-resistant castings, do they have relevant industry websites?

Wear resistant castings, there is a corresponding industry websites, for wear resistant casting net, and it is a industry consultation platform, on the industry web site you can wear resistant casting products of choose and buy, to meet different needs, in addition, can also be conducted on the platform wear-resistant casting learning and understanding of this kind of castings, know what it is.

2. Alloy wear castings in wear-resistant castings.

Wear-resistant castings are of different kinds, so they can be classified again. Therefore, there is a specific type of alloy wear resistant castings.

This kind of wear resistant castings, although the lack of coherent strengthening phase, and the temperatures in the low temperature in this area, the intensity is not high, but has the very high strength in high temperature environment, and good thermal fatigue, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and good welding performance, therefore, can be used as an air jet engines, industrial gas turbine and Marine gas turbine guide vane. In addition, it can be used on the diesel nozzle.

3. Casting raw materials for wear-resisting casting.

Wear-resistant casting on this kind of casting, the raw materials used on the concrete aspect should pay attention to it, because it is related to the casting of the casting quality and product performance, in turn, affect the service life of the casting. The raw material used for this casting is cast alloy and so on. In casting process, the casting material and casting process should be considered, so as to avoid the defects of casting and affect their normal use and effect.

4. Factors influencing wear resistance of wear-resistant castings.

Wear resistant castings, its outstanding performance is a very good wear resistance, and the performance of it, there are some influencing factors, summarise if, for material qualitative, and the hardness of the casting, and the use of working condition of this one. If it is the wear-resistant castings for alloy steel, the hardness of it can reach hrc40-60, while in the working condition, it is to be analyzed concretely.http://www.dmgcastings.com/