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Wear-resistant castings energy-saving and environmentally friendly production methods to achieve what?

Jul 25, 2017

Wear-resistant castings in order to achieve energy-saving environmental protection production, we should pay attention to the use of electric baking machine, which can effectively improve the efficiency of baking packets. And, wear-resistant castings with this equipment, the abolition of the original use of coke for the relatively backward way of baking, to a certain extent, can be designed to control the new electric baking machine, to improve the processing time roast Package effect, to a certain extent, reduce environmental pollution.

Wear-resistant castings in order to achieve energy-saving environmental protection production, you can use the furnace refining new technology. In accordance with the actual application is concerned, in order to improve the quality of metallurgy, the general provisions of the smelting time, we should pay attention to choose a 20mm thick high-quality scrap, and, should be a series of scrap steel before the shot blasting treatment. When we smelt high manganese steel, that is, in the bottom plus 2% limestone and its amount of fluorite to build alkaline slag.

On the other side, for the wear-resistant castings can be used outside the furnace refining, there is the package blowing argon refining process, so that the purity of the molten steel can be continuously improved. For ladle ladders that can be added with argon and its refining furnace. In fact, it is the graphite electrode, when the addition of argon gas to reduce the temperature, you can power to heat the molten steel.

For such a simple method, the actual effect of the point of view, in fact, the same is to achieve deoxidation to gas for refining purposes. This method for small and medium enterprises in terms of words, in fact, it will be very convenient and feasible, to a certain extent, to achieve the purpose of refining.

Wear-resistant castings in the processing time to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, we can actually through the slag for the broken, to recover the scrap which slag. At this time, for the processing of wear-resistant castings, we actually should pay attention to is to use the crusher and its brick equipment to carry out a solid slag cleaning once a week, fundamentally reduce the amount of waste slag for the environment On the pollution.


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