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Wear-resistant castings energy-saving environmentally friendly production using what technology?

Jul 05, 2017

First of all, we actually have to pay attention to the production of wear-resistant castings in terms of words, in fact, we will be directly on the use of rapid smelting technology, so that you can produce wear-resistant castings in the processing, the replacement of rapid melting furnace , And then by increasing the number of turns on the induction coil, to modify the thickness of the lining, so that you can expand the furnace volume, speed up its melting speed, reducing the heat loss, will be more energy.

On the production of wear-resistant castings, we actually will be directly on the use of a furnace door for sealing, it is full fiber insulation lining the bell-type resistance furnace, you can increase the heat treatment of the sealing performance of the furnace and insulation Effect, at the same time, we actually will note that for the whole set of stoves, it is actually there will be fully automatic PIC control, in the entire heat treatment process, which can automatically adjust the running power on the furnace, is our heat treatment furnace Always in the best working condition, reducing the energy on the waste.

In the production of wear-resistant castings used in the whole fiber cover heat treatment furnace, its energy-saving effect is good, can be high manganese steel 120kg hammer quenching, in its heating 12h to 1080 ℃, we actually will pay attention to Its insulation temperature after 6h, for its water quenching power consumption is only 350kW? H / t (350 kW per ton).

Full fiber hood heat treatment furnace can also accurately control the temperature, the furnace temperature difference of 1050 ℃, less than 5 ℃; there is the furnace atmosphere is better, reducing the wear-resistant castings of oxidative decarburization defects.

Production of wear-resistant castings, we actually will use cooling water circulation cooling device. In this way, you can ensure that the heat treatment of quenching water temperature under a big premise, to carry out the use of cooling water, it is precisely because of this, in our wear-resistant castings for production, it can actually be in a large extent To achieve a reasonable use of water resources, and to a certain extent, reduce the waste of cooling water.


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