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What are the determinants of the stability of steel tray?

Aug 01, 2017

When the steel tray is in use, it is mainly used for the horizontal platform device for the cargo and the product as a unit load for the handling, stacking, transportation and container loading. The steel tray is very suitable for the operation of the forklift. Time will become more convenient.

Steel tray need to have a good stability performance, the product surface in the process of dealing with its anti-skid treatment, which can be a certain degree of effective to avoid the device directly to the phenomenon of its fall, so in the application, Naturally able to secure access to goods.

The overall structure of the steel tray is very good, in the process of making the main use of its metal materials, so the overall structure of the product is made of very good steel, by virtue of the steel is very good overall structure, Kyrgyzstan products The application of the time to be able to stably access the goods, not because of changes in their own structure to affect the goods placed.

The quality of the load of the product in the process of making the steel tray is less than or equal to 2 tons in the course of the production process. In the course of use, the center of gravity of all the cargo can not exceed the height of the cargo in order to ensure the safety of the cargo. Two thirds of its product width.

Steel tray use the equipment to carry the goods need to carry out their fixed methods are mainly stretch packaging, glue tied, tied, etc., between them can be used with each other, if the product of the goods in the fixed, still can not meet the transport requirements , Should be selected according to the need to protect the reinforcement accessories.


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