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What factors will affect the lasting strength of heat-resistant steel trays?

Jun 30, 2017

The factors that affect the lasting strength of heat - resistant steel baskets

First of all, the durability of the heat-resistant steel tray is actually affected by the temperature gradient on the impact. For its temperature fluctuations on the material for high temperature mechanical performance will have a significant impact. Speaking of heat-resistant steel plate on the lasting strength will be affected, in fact, because the power plant boiler equipment because many times to start, shut down or overload and a series of factors will lead to fluctuations in the working temperature.

In this respect, the phenomenon of fluctuations in temperature, in fact, it will be to a large extent to accelerate the creep process of the material, it is precisely because of this, it is to a large extent reduced heat Steel plate lasting strength, for example, in fact, because it is because 1.2Cr1Mo steel will be directly in the working temperature does not shoot the degree of fluctuations in the 15-2-or, then, for its lasting strength is reduced 20-25%.


15CrMo steel in terms of the operating temperature, in fact, that is, it will be directly on the fluctuations in the 485-53 cutting edge when the rate for its Pan rate in terms of words, in fact, it will be more than at 510 ℃ when the time to increase 3 -4 times. However, when it is in the actual design, for the expansion of the equipment to allow the temperature error is 25-50 * C.

Then, the stress concentration formed by the notch sensitivity gap of the heat-resistant steel sheet is concerned with the effect of lasting strength, which in fact will determine the temperature or the gap Of the geometric shape, there is the long-term plasticity of its steel and its heat treatment process, in the end, in fact, is the impact of the composition of steel and a series of factors.

For example, the test temperature for a heat-resistant steel tray, if it is 550 ° C, will have a relatively large gap sensitivity, and because of this, for its sustained strength, That is, there will be a significant decline in the characteristics. On the different types of heat-resistant steel plate, the emergence of the gap on the sensitivity of the persistent stretch is actually not exactly the same.

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