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What factors will affect the quality of the customized castings?

Oct 08, 2017

【Summary】First of all, on the quality assurance of customized castings, we should pay attention to the reasonable casting process. In summary, to a large extent, attention should be paid to the casting structure, weight and size. It is also necessary to pay attention to the characteristics and production conditions of the casting alloy to choose a relatively suitable parting surface and shape or core making method.

Secondly, on the quality assurance of the customized casting, to a great extent, we should pay attention to the reasonable setting of the casting tendons,densener,riser,gating system and so on. In this way, to a great extent, castings of high quality can be guaranteed.

Next, on the quality of the raw material which is used for customized casting, we should pay attention to its metal charge, refractory materials, fuels, fluxes, alterant, foundry sand, molding sand binder and the quality of dope must be up to the standard. Otherwise, it may cause the casting to produce air holes, pinholes, slag inclusion, burnt-on sand and other defects.

Above defects, to a great extent, directly affect the appearance quality and internal quality of the customized castings. Moreover, when the situation is serious, to a great extent, the casting will be scrapped.

Finally, the factors affecting the quality of the customized casting also include the operation of the process. In other words, to a large extent attention should directly be paid to the development of a reasonable technology operation process. And, on the other hand, we should pay attention to improving the workers' technical level, so that the process will also be the correctly implemented. 

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