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What should be noticed in the gravity casting of iron castings?

Oct 16, 2017

【Summary】When it comes to some matters which need to be noticed in the gravity casting of iron castings, first of all, we need to know about gravity die casting, which refers to a casting process on the metal material, also known as gravity casting. The range of casting is extensive, and the casting of iron castings is also included in this aspect.

Next, when the iron casting is in the gravity casting, from the first aspect, it needs to pay attention to the fire prevention measures in the workshop. Because it is red casting, there will be swashing liquid iron. Once it touches the body, the body will be scalded. Once it touches the inflammable or explosive substance, the consequences will be more serious.

In view of this, the iron casting in the gravity casting, if there is any carelessness, ,will be scalded by the melted metal liquid. In addition, when you accidentally touch the high temperature casting, you will also scald. Therefore, in the casting process, the operation of mechanical equipment must be standardized, to avoid errors or abnormal operation accidents.

After the gravity casting is over, clean up the equipment in time. In the cleaning, pay attention to doing the protection work to prevent the dust being inhaled and causing harm to the human body.

Finally, when it comes to the high temperature and the damage of thermal radiation of the iron castings in the gravity casting, we should pay attention to wearing protective clothing. However, for the casting of iron castings, it is very widely used in the industry, such as automobile parts, motorcycle parts, and motor, communication, hardware will also use gravity casting technology.

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