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What should pay attention to when using the low-pressure casting machine to produce the customized casting?

Oct 24, 2017

【Summary】When the customized casting is in the low pressure casting, the low pressure casting machine must be used. In the automobile manufacturing, processing instrument and aerospace industry will also need to use the low pressure casting technology. However, when the customized casting is in the low pressure casting, there will be more unexpected safety accidents, that is, there will be more security risks.

First of all, pay attention to the security risks. When the low pressure casting machine is producing the customized castings , its moving parts may cause the danger of squeezing, shearing, collision, winding and so on. Because of the different shape of the parts, its acute angle, sharp angle will also cause injure the person .

The parts on the equipment can also cause danger

because of the loosing, falling or breaking, throwing out and so on in use. It can also be dangerous under the influence of gravity or control failure.

In view of this, before using the low pressure casting machine for producing customized castings, the manufacturer must carry out more detailed training to the operators. In the overall operation, for the low pressure casting machine work is actually the same. However, because the industry is different, the details will also be very different.

When the low-pressure casting machine producing the customized castings, it should pay attention to the differences in the detail will be easier to cause related safety accidents. Because of this, the consumers who choose the low-pressure casting machine for producing customized castings must remember clearly.

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