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When replacing pump parts, pay attention to product quality and model

Apr 02, 2018

At present, some counterfeit pump accessories on the market are not only unaffordable in quality, but even appear in the sea due to the fact that the inventory time is too long or is not stored in accordance with the provisions of the pump parts resulting in changes in performance. Before replacing the pump fittings, the fittings were not technically inspected and maintenance personnel installed it directly on the construction machinery.


For example, if a generator is not compacted because of an oil seal in the cooler, it causes the oil to mix with water, causing a large amount of water to enter the engine oil, and there is no way to start it. Before the replacement of the pump parts, the necessary inspection and testing of the parts must be performed. In this respect, it is to ensure that the quality of the new parts should meet the requirements and avoid unnecessary troubles.


In the maintenance of air pump construction machinery, due to the maintenance staff did not pay attention to the quality and type of the pump parts, the mechanical structure and its principle is not very understanding, ignore the harm caused by the non-conformity of the model of the pump parts, resulting in the phenomenon of substitute parts and even misuse. , seriously affecting the safety and technical performance of machinery.


For example, when we mix pistons, valves, rocker arms, etc. for the 135 series supercharged and non-supercharged diesel engines, this will cause the diesel engine to be difficult to start because of its low power, and even cause serious damage to parts. If the quality of the pump parts cannot be guaranteed, replacing the split pins with steel wire and replacing the cylindrical pins with steel bars and old bolts will cause a series of problems if used for a long period of time.


It is precisely because of this that when the air pump or other pump valve equipment is used to repair the construction machinery, it is necessary to pay attention to using the original model parts as much as possible. In this respect, it is actually to avoid the substitution and fault of other models. use. The proper selection of pump accessories is to shorten the maintenance period and better ensure the life of the machine when it is used.http://www.dmgcastings.com/