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When replacing pump parts, pay attention to product quality and model.

Apr 17, 2018

Pump fittings must pay attention to the selection of the better parts when making the replacement, and there are a lot of things to pay attention to when making the selection. Some fake pump accessories on the market at present the sham as the genuine product, not only on the quality not guaranteed, and even some due to inventory deposit time is too long or not according to stipulations cause performance changed parts.

It is also because of this, before the replacement pump parts, the parts have not been inspected by the technology, the maintenance personnel will install it directly to the construction machinery. A generator, because the sealing ring in the cooler is not compacted, resulting in a mixture of oil and water, which can cause a lot of water in the engine oil and cannot be started. Before replacement of accessories, it is necessary to carry out necessary inspection and testing of accessories to ensure the quality of the new parts meet the requirements and prevent them from causing unnecessary trouble.

In addition, the pump accessories must be selected when changing. In engineering machinery repair, because there is no attaches great importance to the quality of spare parts and maintenance personnel model, the mechanical structure and its principle is not very understanding, ignore, does not conform to the harm parts of the model accessories alternative even with the wrong phenomenon, seriously affected the mechanical safety and technical performance.

If, for example, the 135 series pressure and non supercharged diesel engine piston, valve, rocker arm, such as mix, can make the diesel engine because of the low power, is bound to cause at this time of start is difficult, and even serious damage to the equipment parts; The ZL50 loader USES the QD274 starter, and if the QD50 starter is used, the power will be low and the diesel engine will be difficult to start.

If above, pump accessories for replacement, to replace the same parts as far as possible, otherwise it may use for a period of time after failure occurs, not only would this delay the construction period will also affect the service life of the machine, as our factory will provide customers with more timely spare parts support and maintenance services, hope to establish sincere cooperation with you.http://www.dmgcastings.com/