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Casting Machine Tool Industry CNC Technology Application Has Become The Trend Of The Times

Jun 14, 2017

Casting machine tool industry CNC technology application has become the trend of the times

 Today's casting machine tool industry and the development of CNC technology is closely related, and only the continuous development of science and technology in order to make the world progress. Casting machine tool industry in the continuous development of numerical control technology, has been greatly improved.

    With the development of the times, casting manufacturers to follow up the trend has also made great progress, many enterprises have been prepared for CNC machine tools. Many of the casting enterprises due to the limitations of the original production level, a large number of ordinary machine tools, if the removal of ordinary machine to re-purchase of new CNC machine tools, will spend a lot of operating funds, which cast the machine tool to bring new problems.

As the numerical control has become a modern large machine production in an irreversible trend, numerical control with its many advantages in the casting industry blowing a hurricane, casting industry must be CNC transformation. The casting machine tool numerical control of the advantages are as follows: casting machine tool can be processed out of the traditional machine tool processing out of the curve, surface and other complex castings. Can achieve the automation of processing, and is flexible automation, which can improve the efficiency of traditional machine tools 3 to 7 times. Processing of high precision casting, the size of the dispersion is small, easy assembly, no longer need to "repair." Can achieve multi-process concentration, reducing the frequent handling between the casting machine. With automatic alarm, automatic monitoring, automatic compensation and other self-discipline function, which can achieve a long time unattended processing. Reduce the labor intensity of the workers, save the labor force (a person can take care of multiple machine tools), reduce the tooling, shorten the new product trial cycle and production cycle, the market demand to make rapid response and so on.

The application of numerical control technology plays an important role in the casting machine tool industry. The traditional manufacturing industry has also undergone significant changes, and the application of numerical control technology has led to the trend of the times.

  Casting because of its excellent crushing capacity to be jaw crusher users respected, but due to long-term and material contact with the direct contact, wear is inevitable. Correctly grasp the repair method of the E plate, to extend the service life of the jab to achieve a multiplier effect.

   1, before welding castings, will be worn by the E plate position with grinding wheel polished two to three millimeters;

   2, to be worn on the E plate in the surfacing layer, and then wear the surface of the eruption of the second layer of surfacing, rather than one by one surfacing, to master the correct sequence of welding is very important;

   3, the welding process, to avoid the Jaw plate heat is too large, after welding in a timely manner to use hammer to eliminate the welding of internal stress; to a faster surfacing speed, select a small diameter electrode and a small welding current;

   4, castings after welding it quickly into the water to cool, to keep the surfacing parts exposed to the surface, if the conditions can also be welded after the hardening of the hard plate on the plate.