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Casting Requirements To Achieve Its Safety

Feb 15, 2017

"China recently launched a series of effective measures to vigorously develop new energy, precision casting to improve the predecessors of major equipment, large passenger aircraft and other high-tech industries, in these areas we have to show their talents, to show their talents." In the recent casting Industry Symposium, China Casting Association Die Casting Branch Secretary-General Zhai Chunquan said.

He believes that by the financial crisis, China's export-oriented non-ferrous casting enterprises production ups and downs, the international market recovery takes some time, China's non-ferrous metal casting industry should take full advantage of this opportunity to adjust the product structure, in the nine high-tech field to find new The business opportunities.

To 2012, China's large passenger aircraft assembly base, engine test base, avionics research and development centers will be completed, during which the parts of the trial production, production will be included in the agenda. Zhai Chunquan said that aluminum and magnesium alloy aircraft parts to implement the "security forging" to meet its security requirements, "China's current aluminum and magnesium alloy casting enterprises should actively transform the hardware, good internal strength, do a good job, Get this tempting cake. "