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China Centrifugal Casting Industry In Environmental Issues And Solutions

Aug 18, 2017

China Centrifugal Casting industry in environmental issues and solutions
Resources and environment, production and sustainable development has become the theme of today's manufacturing industry, and Centrifugal Casting industry, a wide range of production processes, the process is serious pollution of the environment, dust, slag, waste gas, waste water, noise and other environmental conditions Can not be ignored, and China's casting industry to extensive development of the main, small and scattered, and distributed in urban areas, which constitute a serious threat to the natural ecological environment. Therefore, China's casting industry must implement strict and effective environmental protection, take the road of sustainable development.
1. China 's Centrifugal Casting industry in the environmental aspects of the problem
China's Centrifugal Casting industry, the technical level than the developed countries behind about 20 years, and the equipment outdated, energy consumption and high consumption of raw materials, serious environmental pollution and poor operating environment workers. Specific performance in the following areas. (1) serious environmental pollution, poor operating environment. (2) complex casting technology management talent shortage. (3) awareness of environmental protection is weak, the relevant legal system is not perfect, lax enforcement. (4) high energy consumption and raw material consumption. (5) industry structure is not balanced, supporting equipment behind.
2. Countermeasures
China's Centrifugal Casting industry is in a large state from the casting power to start a new stage. Must overcome the real energy, resources, talent bottlenecks and environmental problems. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to use high-tech to improve the quality of castings, to reverse the Chinese castings in the international market is not high technical content, low price image.
(1) to strengthen the Centrifugal Casting of new technology, new materials, new equipment research. To strengthen the basic research and application of the foundry industry, many metal materials in the Centrifugal Casting industry are common and critical, and therefore should focus on process research and improvement, but also to strengthen the material technology and computer simulation and other advanced technology to stabilize the product quality.
(2) the development of environmentally friendly Centrifugal Casting raw and auxiliary materials.
(3) to adjust the industry structure, to encourage intensive joint reorganization, improve the matching equipment, according to different regions, different enterprises of the specific circumstances, classification guidance, there is pressure. Adhere to the combination of good and poor, upgrade and eliminate backward combination, merger and reorganization and closure of bankruptcy.
(4) focus on energy and environmental legislation, strengthen law enforcement efforts.
(5) to build common technology and high-tech transmission platform.
(6) Actively and conscientiously implement ISO14001 international environmental management system standards. Improve the organization's environmental awareness and management level; contribute to the implementation of cleaner production, to achieve pollution prevention; help enterprises energy saving, reduce costs; reduce pollutant emissions, reduce environmental risk; Regulations, legal requirements, to avoid environmental criminal responsibility; to meet customer requirements, improve market share; made green pass, to the international trade market.
(7) the implementation of green Centrifugal Casting, take the road of intensive clean production. In the Centrifugal Casting industry in the implementation of green casting project, and strive to achieve casting products from design, production, use to recycling and disposal of all links are in line with specific environmental protection requirements, and environmental coordination, and maximize the use of resources and energy conservation The At the same time, by increasing investment in science and technology and capital delivery and careful management, in the full use and maintenance of resources on the basis of access to the greatest output and efficiency.
Centrifugal Casting industry sustainable development path, long way to go, in the casting industry to achieve green design and green manufacturing parallel green casting project, take the road of intensive clean production, rational use of resources, the use of renewable materials and energy to ensure that Sustainable development of foundry industry.