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China Centrifugal Casting Industry Should Be Very Close To The Four Aspects

Oct 11, 2017

In recent years, China's Centrifugal Casting production has made great progress, China has become Centrifugal Casting manufacturing power. China's industrial level of rapid growth, and the development of the casting industry is closely related.
Casting is the basis of all industries, if there is no casting industry support, the car into the dream of millions of families in China is almost impossible to achieve. A country's industrial to revitalize the advanced manufacturing technology, and casting should undoubtedly be ranked first in advanced manufacturing technology. So the level of casting technology has become a measure of a country's level of manufacturing an important indicator of the level of national industrial development is the key to the level.
China is casting a large country rather than casting power is an indisputable fact, China's foundry industry is to cast a strong new stage of this industry, in order to promote the casting industry jump development, leap to a new level, the development of Centrifugal Casting is the key.
Centrifugal Casting is one of the world's foundry industries. Some people in the world have adopted the Centrifugal Casting technology to divide the casting level of a country. Centrifugal Casting is also the representative of the development of foundry productivity. To promote the development of Centrifugal Casting industry in China, Should advance to the following four goals.
In addition to the developed countries, there are gaps in quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, working conditions and environmental protection, compared with developed countries. It is reported that the current world industrial development of Centrifugal Casting technology summarized about four goals, China's Centrifugal Casting industry should also be very close to these four areas:
1, to improve the quality and reliability of the casting, the production of high quality near the final castings;
2, shorten the delivery time;
3, to protect the environment, reduce and eliminate pollution;
4, reduce production costs.
China Centrifugal Casting is still unable to achieve these goals, to make our Centrifugal Casting industry reached the world advanced level must proceed from our reality, as soon as possible to promote Centrifugal Casting industry development.
Stomata are common in one of the Centrifugal Casting defects, and the stomata are found in the precision castings for individual locations with smooth hole defects. The stomata are usually found after machining. Yan's Centrifugal Casting technical staff combined with years of experience in workshop production, Centrifugal Casting in the stomatal causes and prevention methods are summarized as follows:
First, the reasons for the formation of: 1. Most of the cases are mainly due to Centrifugal Casting shell roasting is not sufficient, pouring molten steel when the shell suddenly produce a lot of gas can not be successfully discharged, and then into the metal liquid to form pores; Process or shell material reasons, shell breathability is poor, the cavity of the gas is difficult to discharge into the metal liquid to form pores; 3. pouring into the molten steel in the air can not be discharged to cause the casting porosity.
Second, the prevention method 1. In the case of Centrifugal Casting conditions permit, in the structure of the most complex casting holes set. 2. In the design of pouring system, to fully take into account the shell exhaust demand. 3. Shell firing temperature, time should be reasonable, the insulation time should be sufficient. 4. Dewaxing wax material should be completely ruled out. 5. Properly reduce the pouring mouth to the gate cup distance, pouring the speed to be uniform, to ensure that the steel filled with smooth cavity, as little as possible into the molten steel in the air, so that the cavity and the molten steel can be successfully discharged.