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Coating Operation Flow And Related Applicable Environment In The Wear Resistance Castings

Dec 02, 2017

In the casting of the wear resistance castings, the first need is to bake the casting mould, remove the water vapor and improve the mold temperature to prevent the splash blast. During the actual processing  of the wear resistance castings, the baking can use the blow lamp or the red iron, to operate. At this time, the drying of the coating also needs to be prepared.

Next, clean the casting mould, push the asbestos cushion, lock the front end housing, and put the nozzle on.

The coating is poured into the mold by the coating tube, and the coating is poured after drying into a shell. It is necessary to avoid the coating tube and rotating front end housing colliding. It is for this reason that while the coating tube is drawn out, attention should be paid to ensuring its safety.

After the casting is completed, in order to obtain the refined grain structure, the water should be sprayed properly for cooling. However, pay attention to controlling temperature and time, to avoid affecting the thickness of the coating.

The applicable environment of the wear resistance castings is in the boiler and heating furnace. The material used is low-carbon steel. The temperature used is generally about 200 ℃, and the pressure is only 0.8 MPa. The use temperature range of the wear resistance castings is 200 ~ 1300 ℃. The working pressure is from a few MPa to tens of MPa.http://www.dmgcastings.com/