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Energy Saving For China Precision Casting Industry Without Delay

Oct 20, 2017

Energy saving for China Precision Casting industry without delay
It is a realistic and long-term need for the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, which has a clear policy orientation. Precision Casting industry is the consumption of energy, resources, key industries, but also a relatively large impact on the environment of an industry. In China's Precision Casting production, materials and energy inputs are very high. Therefore, to take all possible ways to vigorously promote the Precision Casting industry resource conservation, low energy consumption, environmental protection and healthy and healthy development of great significance.
In the framework of climate change, energy development, and rising raw material prices, effectively improve the efficiency of energy and source materials, and must respond to the changing raw material base in recent years. Energy, raw and auxiliary materials and scrap prices Have to be doubled, and must therefore be technically responsive to remain competitive in international competitiveness and in other manufacturing technologies. Precision Casting industry in this area also has a lot of effective improvement potential. The 11th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development sets out the goal of reducing the energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20% during the 11th Five-Year Plan and reducing the total discharge of major pollutants by 10%. Therefore, energy saving for China's Precision Casting industry without delay.
Put forward the access system of Precision Casting enterprises in China, set the threshold of industry access, especially the relevant energy-saving emission reduction standards; especially for the newly started Precision Casting enterprises to set up more stringent entry conditions. Enterprises that enjoy preferential policies for value-added tax should have higher advancedity in production equipment, production technology, technical level and environmental management, so that this policy can support advanced enterprises, eliminate the role of backward enterprises, promote the technological progress of the industry and Orderly competition, in the enjoyment of value-added tax levy preferential policies before the assessment, to check whether the focus of the funds used in energy-saving emission reduction and technological transformation, depends on the actual results in this side.
The establishment of energy-saving emission reduction demonstration enterprises, in these enterprises, the state of enterprises to invest in energy-saving emission reduction to 50% of the funding subsidies, it is recommended in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period on the Precision Casting enterprises to introduce advanced cupola furnace gas treatment System, gas-fired aluminum alloy melting furnace, hot-made old sand regeneration system and other equipment to give tax-free concessions. Implementation of the national energy-saving environmental protection projects to reduce corporate income tax and energy-saving environmental protection equipment investment credit enterprise income tax policy; Tax input tax deduction policy.
In the China Precision Casting Association set up energy-saving emission reduction working committee, the development of industry energy-saving emission reduction work plan and specific programs, organize the implementation of the program demonstration and acceptance supervision, responsible for the relevant departments of the government Xun, coordination and cooperation between the co-operation and cooperation , The organization of Precision Casting industry, energy-saving emission reduction common, major research projects. To develop the "Precision Casting enterprise comprehensive evaluation standards", this standard will be Precision Casting enterprises should achieve the design scale, production capacity, labor productivity, production technology, quality excavation capacity, quality management level, product quality level, environmental protection, energy saving Measures, the staff of the occupational stability and health.
Foreign Precision Casting enterprises widely used alloy core wire processing technology, so that ductile iron, vermicular iron and fermented steel production process stability, high recovery rate of alloy elements, the process of pollution-free, to achieve the computer automation control. Aluminum composite materials are widely regarded and increasingly turned to industrial scale applications with superior performance, such as automotive drive rods, cylinder blocks, cylinder linings, pistons, connecting rods and other important components can be made of aluminum composite materials, and has been in the senior Racing on the application.