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Garbage Incinerator

Mar 26, 2017
Garbage Incinerator Basic Info
  • Certification: SGS

  • Treatment: Burning

  • Application Field: Harmless Incineration

  • Whether to Support Custom: Yes

  • Weight: 3-8t

  • Processing: 20-25kg/Batch

  • Transport Package: Wooden Cases

  • Origin: Wuxi, China

  • Condition: New

  • Automation: Semi-Automatic

  • Product Name: Harmless and Smokeless Treatment Type Incinerator

  • Suitable Object: Living Waste, Medical Waste,  etc

  • Volume: 2.5stere

  • Equipment Size: 2300X1200X2100mm

  • Trademark:DMG


1. This equipment is a kind of suitable for the hospital medical waste, life rubbish, the villages and towns of urban garbage disposal and so on various aspects non-hazardous wastes treatment equipment.

2.  Simple and convenient operation, high burning temperature and burning of organic matter removal rate was 99%, Fast burning speed, effectively.Covers an area of small, low cost, low malfunction,easy maintenance.

· A combustion chamber temperature 650 ~ 850 ºC, fuel completely ashing, reduced capacity more than 97% or higher;The furnace heating up fast, fuel consumption, burning full.

· 100% low excess air coefficient, using vortex combustion process.

· Low temperature control system design, operation cost is low, the use of cold heat exchanger cooling process can realize resource recycling.

· Cover an area of an area small, simple operation, convenient maintenance.


1. Long lifetime.

2. Totally enclosed operation.

3. Suitable for treating infectious waste.

4. Avoid secondary pollution.

5. Simple operation.

Incineration system

1.Furnace body is made up of refractory materials, insulation materials, insulation materials,     laying on the top of the cavity of grate outsourcing steel plate to prevent gas leakage and       the furnace body surface temperature is less than 50 ºC.In the furnace body is equipped with the access door side, auxiliary ignition burner on the side, too.The furnace body is equipped with work station.

2.Flue gas in the chamber of a stove or furnace from the bottom to wash the material, the moisture in the material drying, make material on fire in time. And arch before and after the refractory material accumulation of heat and radiation, so as to ensure the material combustion temperature.Prolong the residence time of flue gas, make the material and fly ash in the organic matter complete combustion, increase the destruction rate of harmful substances.

3.Furnace body in high temperature refractory lining, insulating material, is among the outer layer is a thermal insulation material, can reduce furnace body heat loss, improve the efficiency of burning;Appearance using steel plate as a protective layer to prevent air leakage;The refractory is developed by our company and building materials science research institute an acidic gas corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, high strength refractory materials.

The main technical parameters

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