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How To Buy A Hammer For A Castings?

Nov 02, 2017

How to buy a hammer for a Castings?
For the quality of the Castings hammer, each user authentication standards are not the same, are based on their own use conditions to measure, but for most businesses, our measurement standards and requirements are the same , We today on the common measurement and testing standards to do some summary.
1, hammer work is fine, not rough, which we can see with the naked eye the first appearance of the standard, if the work is very rough, basically can not determine the regular manufacturers produced in the aftermarket and the quality system is very difficult Guaranteed;
2, for any one product, there is no perfect, even if the regular manufacturers produced, there may be flaws, it is necessary to see whether the quality of the manufacturer maintenance, we can have some of the benefits of our use;
To say that the above two criteria is our most basic and most common, and then their buyers according to their actual situation to make their own standards, after all, the use of Castings hammer more and more widely, we also want to use and special Standards are combined to measure.
Life, the brand products no matter how expensive the price will have a lot of users are willing to buy, it is because the brand products on behalf of the quality, people would rather spend high prices to buy high-quality brand products, do not want to spend low prices to buy low quality Of the product, so for any product, in order to have more long-term development, you need to the quality of the premise, for the modern Castings industry Castings products is no exception.
Modern industrial industry demand for Castingss is very large, the market also appeared in various types of Castings foundry, if there is no high quality, poor quality of the Castingss will eventually be eliminated by the community. Zhengzhou Yusheng Castings Co., Ltd. is specialized in Castings research and development, processing, sales and service in one of the modern high-tech enterprises, the company always adhere to the changing needs, the spirit of the same, adhere to provide customers with Castings processing business.
Castings the overall or local shrinkage of the mold tightening force is too large, or the size of the tightening force distribution is not balanced, unreasonable, then the Castings will be due to die deformation, cracks, cracks, and even cast to stick to the mold, Or cast to stick to the dynamic mold does not come out of the phenomenon.
(1) the Castings of the whole or part of the fixed clamping force is greater than the dynamic mode of the tightening force, open mold when the Castings will stay sticky die phenomenon.
(2) stripping, if the parts of the Castings on the dynamic, fixed on the clamping force on the force is not uniform, will cause the Castings out when the partial, crooked, oblique, Castingss on the fixed part of the tight package It is possible to stick to the mold.
(3) If the mold temperature is too low, or the dynamic mold temperature is too high, will make the Castings shrinkage when the clamping force is greater than the dynamic mode of the tightening force.
(4) mold release agent concentration is too low, release agent mold release is not good, the mold release agent is not in place, the amount of release agent is insufficient, which will affect the mold release. If the mold is sprayed with too much of the coating, the temperature of the mold is difficult to increase rapidly. After the cooling of the Castings shrinks, the increase of the packing force on the fixed mold side will be larger than that of the dynamic mold.
(5) There is also a stick mold phenomenon: in the beginning of the die-Castings production began a period of time, that is, in the low-speed injection hot mold, due to mold temperature is too low, die-Castings alloy liquid flow decreased rapidly, resulting in filling In the cavity of the metal liquid forming is not complete, the formation of the Castings strength is very low, the Castings parts of the connection between the very solid, in the cast mold release, the tightening force of the larger parts, it is easy to break with other parts Separate and stick in the mold. In particular, there is no mandrel on the side of the mandrel to cast out the Castings, so it is easier to stick in the mold.