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How To Improve The Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Of Precision Castings

Sep 20, 2017

How to improve the energy saving and environmental protection of precision Castings
    Precision Castings industry is now mainly pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, then the precision Castings of this aspect of the performance of how much you understand it, the following we look at it specifically:
    1, the use of optimized design and optimization process to improve the precision Castings process rate. In order to ensure the quality of precision Castings, change the pouring system, the use of heating insulation riser can usually increase the export rate, if the export rate from 60% to 70%, can reduce the energy consumption of 14.3%.
    2, the use of high degree of compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, as far as possible to reduce the quality of Castings, reducing the processing margin. Practice has proved that high-pressure modeling and Castings quality can be compared with hand-shaped, ordinary machine shape to reduce 3% -5%, processing margin can be maintained at 2-3mm. Reducing the weight not only makes the precision Castings workshop energy saving, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.
 As a professional precision Castings manufacturers, due to the stainless steel Castings in the metal type cooling and solidification than the sand type in the fast, the metal type and no tolerance, so in the metal Castings, Castings Castings stress generated by sand Castings larger, Tendencies are also large, but also prone to pouring, cold, white mouth (for steel Castings) and other defects. For precision Castings to produce insufficient pouring, cold separation, etc. should pay attention to the following structural problems:
    1. Precision Castings shape should be as simple as possible streamline, to avoid sharp edges and sharp changes in the connection and other structural shapes, in order to facilitate the flow of molten metal;
    2. Castings wall thickness should be appropriate, not too thin, especially when the Castings larger size when the outline can not be too thin;
    3. should avoid large levels, because it makes Castings in the Castings, the metal liquid is very slow, and the air contact with the large, easy oxidation, and because the metal heat quickly, the metal liquid soon lost liquidity, easy to cause pouring Lack of, cold separation, slag and other defects.
 Castings in the Castings process in the individual position sometimes there will be a smooth hole defects, for precision Castings, the phenomenon of stomatal is very normal, in general, once the process of processing found in the process of stamping porosity problems how to solve What?
   First of all, if the Castings conditions permit, to precision Castings before Castings in the complex structure of the highest set of exhaust holes.
   Followed by Castings design process should take full account of the emergence of late stomatal problems, as far as possible to meet the shell exhaust demand.
   Moreover, shell firing temperature, time should be reasonable, the insulation time should be sufficient.
   Finally, appropriate to reduce the pouring mouth to the gate cup distance, pouring speed to be uniform, to ensure that the molten steel is filled with cavity, as little as possible into the molten steel in the air, so that the cavity and the molten steel can be successfully discharged.
In fact, the precision Castings in the late use of the process will be the basic phenomenon of cracks, can be said to be a common phenomenon, but the emergence of cracks will not only affect the use of precision Castings, while the cost of precision Castings and quality, How can we prevent the phenomenon of cracks in precision Castings in our lives?
   In the Castings of precision Castings, pay attention to improve the sand and sand core of the concession. In the production process to strictly control the charge and molten steel in the P, S content. Precision Castings wall thickness as much as possible to avoid the sudden change in wall thickness, if the conditions permit, then you can set the time to strengthen the ribs, the two sections of the cross-section as far as possible using rounded corners to minimize stress concentration. Pay attention to adjust the cooling rate of various parts of precision Castings, to avoid the local overheating of steel parts, in the thick section or hot section at the cold iron, the appropriate dispersion of the runner, so you can ensure that the precision Castings parts of the temperature trend of heat evenly. Castings after pouring attention to open type can not be premature, it is best to use water blast sand Castings process, in the process of attention to master the time and temperature.