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How To Operate The Heat-resistant Steel Castings

Sep 20, 2017

How to operate the Heat-resistant Steel Castings
    Heat-resistant Steel Castings pieces of the shape of accurate shape, good repeatability, with the characteristics of precision casting. Heat-resistant Steel Castings of the surface finish high; cancel the sand core and the core of the Ministry, the eradication of the core, the core caused by the casting defects and waste; not box, not mold, greatly simplifies the modeling process, Due to mold, the box caused by casting defects and waste; greatly simplifies the sand processing system, sand can be all re-use, cancel the sand preparation department and waste sand processing division;
    Reduce the machining margin, reduce the cost of machining easy to achieve the mechanization of automatic assembly line production, production line flexibility, in a production line to achieve different alloys, different shapes, different sizes of heat-resistant steel production; ; The use of metal mold life of up to 10 million times, reducing the maintenance costs of the mold; simplifies the operation of the process, the technical requirements of workers greatly reduced;
   The shape of the parts is not limited by the traditional casting process, the liberation of the mechanical design workers, so that according to the use of parts performance, free to design the best Heat-resistant Steel Castings shape; can reduce the weight of heat-resistant steel; Reduce the production cost; simplify the factory design, investment in fixed assets can be reduced by 30 ∽ 40%, covers an area and construction area can be reduced by 30 ∽ 50%, power consumption can be reduced by 10 ∽ 20%;
Stomatal is one of the most common precision casting defects, stomata refers to the precision casting parts of the individual location of the smooth hole defects. Stomata usually after machining can be found, after years of research and development of our factory in the precision casting of the causes of stomata and prevention methods are summarized as follows:
    In most cases, the stomata is mainly due to the fact that the precision casting shell is not roasted properly. When pouring molten steel, the shell can produce a large amount of gas and can not be discharged smoothly into the molten metal. Shell air permeability is too bad, the cavity is difficult to discharge the gas into the metal liquid to form pores; pouring into the molten steel in the air can not be discharged to cause the Heat-resistant Steel Castings pores. Above these may cause the production of precision casting parts of the stomata, since the reasons for which then find a solution to these problems is easy to find a solution, we will talk about how to prevent precision casting of the stomata of the relevant methods, Please look forward to.
In order to improve the production rate of precision casting parts, to improve the quality of Heat-resistant Steel Castings under the premise of changing the pouring system, the use of heating insulation riser can usually increase the export rate, if the export rate from 60% to 70% Can reduce the energy consumption of 14.3%. The use of high degree of compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, as far as possible to reduce the quality of precision casting, reducing the processing margin. Practice has proved that high-pressure modeling and heat-resistant steel can make the quality of hand-molded, ordinary machine shape to reduce the 3% -5%, processing margin can be maintained at 2-3mm. Reducing the weight not only makes the precision casting workshop energy saving, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.
    Precision foundry using energy-saving process, a reasonable organization of production. Such as: the use of self-hardening resin sand or dry surface instead of clay sand drying, saving drying mold energy consumption; strict ingredients to determine the appropriate composition of Heat-resistant Steel Castings, to take an effective breeding program, The elimination of Heat-resistant Steel Castings on the white or hard points to cancel the graphitization annealing process; to promote cast cast ductile iron, the required elongation at break below 12% should be obtained under the as-cast; as far as possible the use of frequency harmonics Vibration aging process, remove the stress reduction process.
 Heat-resistant Steel Castings is just a collection of nouns, including a lot of things, in general, is a number of machines or products on the small accessories, such as watches and clocks on small parts, etc., this is only part of some large machines There are also such precision castings, such as: valve body, Heat-resistant Steel Castings are small, but the role is great, the relationship between the normal operation of the machine.
    Heat-resistant Steel Castings is very small, so it is not easy to make, which requires superb production technology, the need for technical staff patient and careful technology. If you need to buy Heat-resistant Steel Castings, be sure to buy qualified, carefully check the quality of Heat-resistant Steel Castings to see if the quality is qualified, whether there is a certificate, do not carelessly, do not seek cheap, buy unqualified products, Although the precision casting is small, but the role is also great, so be careful.