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Methods To Solve The Defects Of Wear-resistant Castings

Jul 18, 2017

Methods to solve the defects of Wear-resistant Castings

Wear-resistant Castings is a commonly used part, but Wear-resistant Castings still have many defects. But we don't know how to solve it, so let's introduce the method to solve the defect of Wear-resistant Castings.

1, reasonable design plan, first enter the metal fluid in the thick wall first solidify, in let the thin wall place solidify, make the whole cast ply the same.

2. Change the position of the inner runner.

3. Low temperature quick cooking, quick, stable and balanced metal liquid.

This is the method of the overall change of Wear-resistant Castings, and many manufacturers have changed the production defects of Wear-resistant Castings through the above mentioned methods.

Wear-resistant castings have a history of more than 100 years in our country, and they have good toughness, good wear resistance and good deformation characteristics, so they are widely used in the industrial and mechanical industries. However, the advantages of wear-resistant castings are well known in the process of use, but they are still worried about how long the wear-resistant castings will last.

High wear resistant castings are used in the process of making new material, and in order to improve the efficiency of the wearability of wear-resistant casting and grinding, began to adopt the high material, and the introduction of international advanced production technology, to improve the wear resistance of wear resistant castings. In fact everyone don't have to worry about the service life of wear resistant castings, usually wear resistant castings can be used for 20 years, if in the work do a good job in maintenance can prolong the service life of wear resistant castings.

Wear-resistant castings have high wear resistance, so they can be widely used in different industrial industries. Although wear-resistant castings have many advantages, there are many requirements and standards for the production of good wear-resistant castings. Today I mainly introduce the standard of Wear-resistant Castings.

1. Wear-resistant castings should be made of wear resistant materials, and the wear resistance of them should reach 63HRC level.

2. In the meantime, the production process of Wear-resistant Castings should be discussed in the process of production, which should not be lacking in any one of the steps, and in the process of heat treatment, it is very important.

3. No cracking, fracture, hairy embryo and other problems can be obtained after production.

The hardness of Wear-resistant Castings should meet the national standards, so as to ensure the safety of Wear-resistant Castings.

Wear-resistant Castings is like its name, which has a lot of wear resistance, so it is necessary to choose materials with high abrasion resistance in selecting materials. Today we will introduce the types of materials for wear-resistant castings.

There are two main kinds of materials that can be used as wear-resistant castings. One is GB/t12229-2005 WCB, and the second is ASTM A351 CF8M, which is the main material of Wear-resistant Castings. In material selection, after normalizing or normalizing and tempering treatment, on the surface with acid cleaning of sundry, let more smooth, wear-resistant casting in the entire production is completed, but after strength check, to make formal Wear-resistant Castings factory sales.

Features of Wear-resistant Castings:

1. Wear resistance: under the same working conditions, the volume loss is only one-seventh of the steel pipe.

2. Strong resistance: the Wear-resistant Castings is suitable for the working pressure of 0.2mpa - 4.0 Mpa, which is widely used.

3. Corrosion resistance: high structural stability and resistance to various chemical media; No electrochemical corrosion, no corrosion protection layer.

4. Self-lubrication: in many pipeline materials, the high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has a small wear coefficient, under the same condition, the pressure loss is only one tenth of the steel pipe, which is one seventh of the nylon pipe.

5. No scaling: smooth inner wall of the pipe can prevent the medium from scaling on the wall, and production efficiency is not affected.

Wear-resistant Castings weight is light: the density of wear-resisting tube is about 1/8th of steel, easy to carry and install, the project comprehensive cost is low, have good economic benefit.

7. Easy to connect: the wear-resistant pipe is connected by flange or clamp electric heat, and the construction is convenient and safe, without leakage or leakage.

8. Anti-aging: the Wear-resistant Castings is added to the anti-ultraviolet accessories, which can be used for over 50 years in the hot sun.

9. Safety and hygiene: the Wear-resistant Castings is non-toxic and harmless, and does not breed bacteria. It is environmentally free and recyclable.