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Precision Casting Surface Quality

Feb 15, 2017

Precision casting surface quality content is as follows:

1. Casting surface roughness should be consistent with GB6060.1 casting surface roughness comparison sample requirements.

2. Casting to be polished surface according to the provisions of GB6060.4 implementation.

3. Casting to be shot peening, sandblasting the surface of the implementation of GB6060.5 according to the provisions of the implementation.

4. Castings are not allowed to crack, under-cast, loose, bubble and any penetrating defects.

5. Castings are not allowed to have a scratch, depression, lack of meat and mesh burr isosceles triangle defects.

6. Casting of the gate, flash, overflow, skinned, etc. should be clean, but allowed to leave traces.

7. The screw hole within the first screw into the four teeth within the distance is not allowed to be defective.

8. Without affecting the use of castings under the conditions, when the consent of the demand side, the supplier can be impregnated and repaired castings (such as welding, deformation correction, etc.) treatment, the repair of the die should be done after the corresponding The quality of the test.

9. The surface roughness of the casting surface is: 25um