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Present Situation And Development Countermeasure Of Casting Technology

Feb 15, 2017

China's casting output from 2000 over the United States has been ranked sixth in the world for the first time, of which 22.42 million tons in 2004, estimated at 26 million tons in 2005, casting annual output value of more than 250 billion yuan, precision cast casting production accounted for the world Production of 1/4, has become the world's casting production base. According to the world's major casting production countries in 2004 production statistics can be seen, the top ten casting production countries can be divided into two categories. One is the developing countries, although the output is large, but the casting value is low, small businesses, large number of employees, black metal than the major. The other is developed countries, such as Japan, the United States and Europe, they use high-tech mainly produces high value-added castings.

Developed countries generally advanced casting technology, product quality, high production efficiency, environmental pollution, raw and auxiliary materials have been formed series. Europe has established a multinational service system, production to achieve mechanization, automation, intelligence. The production process strictly enforce the technical standards, casting scrap rate of about 2% -5%. Attention to the use of information technology to enhance the level of casting process design, the general application of software for filling solidification process simulation and process optimization design.