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Sand Casting Design Requirements For Wear-resistant Castings

Dec 21, 2017

Speaking of sand castings for wear-resistant castings structural design, first of all, that is, to pay attention to consider its work function and mechanical properties of the requirements, but also pay attention to consider its alloy casting performance and its casting process Structural requirements for wear-resistant castings. The design of the castings is not reasonable, for casting quality and its productivity and manufacturing costs will have a greater impact.


The structure of wear-resistant castings, if not satisfied with the requirements of the alloy casting performance, to a large extent it is actually likely to have less than pouring, cooling or shrinkage, shrinkage and porosity, cracks and deformation Other defects. In addition, its design wear-resistant castings wall thickness, must be large, the alloy's "minimum allowable wall thickness", so that is to ensure the quality of castings.


Speaking of wear-resistant castings, "the minimum allowable wall thickness," the main will depend on the type of alloy and casting methods and castings on the size and so on. However, the casting wall should not be too thick, and on the thick-walled thick grain castings, loose organization, in this case speaking, to a large extent, it will produce shrinkage and shrinkage of the phenomenon, Mechanical performance will be a decline.


The toughness of wear-resistant castings does not increase proportionally with increasing cross-sectional area. In its design is too thick wall of the casting, it will result in a waste of metal. In order to improve the carrying capacity of castings without increasing the wall thickness, the structural design of the castings itself is to be careful to choose a reasonable cross-sectional shape.


In addition, the wear-resistant castings inside the ribs or walls, cooling conditions worse than the outer wall, the cooling rate will appear slower. In the design of castings, pay attention to the wall thickness.http://www.dmgcastings.com/